FixMyCity makes handling citizen requests easy for cities and reporting easy for citizens. Let’s take a look at the features.

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When a citizen encounters problems like potholes or blocked stormdrains, they can pull out FixMyCity. It allows them to take a picture of the problem, select the type of problem, and write a comment. This helps your city departments know what needs to be fixed, where it is, and how serious the problem is.

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Once a report is posted by a citizen, you will receive it in the correct email account. From there, citizens can find their posts and other users’ posts on the FixMyCity map. If they click on a map icon, they can see the details of that report.


If a citizen is looking at someone else’s post, they can upvote it, letting you know that this is an important issue to more than one citizen. As a city, this saves you time because the issues most important to citizens will get the most attention. When citizens encounter an issue on the FixMyCity map that is fixed, they can mark it as fixed. This again saves city employees time by not redundantly pursuing a report.

If you have questions or have features you’d like to see in our next update, please Contact Us.



  1. James P. Gallogly, Public Works Director

    Is this affordable for a small city? Our city has a population of about 6,000 and is about 2 1/2 miles square. What would it cost for our City to implement this service for our residents?

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